Intuitive Kids is a unique organization dedicated to developing programs and experiences that enrich the lives of intuitive kids and their parents.

Intuition and psychic gifts can be magical when they are integrated well into daily life. These gifts can also be scary and disruptive to the development of our kids if not fully understood by the kids or the parents.

We have chosen the mission to provide education, programs and experiences to help both the kids aged 10 to 19 and parents thrive and navigate through the mysteries of psychic gifts.

Let’s do this together.

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For the parents of Intuitive Kids

  • When: Tuesdays;: September 12 and 26, October 10 and 24, 2017
  • Time: 7:00pm to 8:30pm Eastern
  • Where: ONLINE - Webinar
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  • Cost: FREE
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Parents of intuitive kids sharing insights and wisdom with each other. The five sessions are:

  1. September 12 - Introduction to Parenting Intuitive Kids
  2. September 26 - Panel discussion with experienced parents
  3. October 10 - Deciphering kids behaviours: Are they intuitive or over just imaginative. A discussion with an experienced Therapist
  4. October 17 - How to work with your teachers – those that get it and those that don’t.
  5. October 24 - Exploring your intuitive kid. Invite them on the call. Lets build awareness and community.

We are a group of Parents of kids who have strong intuitive abilities; meaning our kids seem to sense energy and receive information that cannot be accessed using the five human senses. Sometimes we say our kids have a developing “6th Sense” are highly intuitive, open, aware, awakened, sensitive, heart wise or even psychic.
Whatever we call it, we know our kids have an ability that is seldom understood and provides unique challenges to us as parents. We talk about those challenges and discover ways to create a healthy balanced life for our kids. We believe it is just as important to have earth skills like, learning, playing, socializing as it is to have intuition skills.
How do we know kids have strong intuitive abilities? They tell us. They show us. Like when our kids say they have had a conversation with someone who has passed. They might see colours around people. They make statements of what they see/know/feel that cannot be explained or is beyond their age level. Often, they can pick up the energy, feelings or thoughts of others. They may know when it is unsafe to enter room, who is on the phone before it rings or they don’t want to be near someone they may not even have met yet. These are just examples of how a developing 6th sense can show up.
It is hard as a parent if we can’t see or validate what are kids are telling us. Does our kid really have this 6th sense or do they just have most active imagination? Or both? This is what we talk and share about each week. With the help of guest speakers and parents with experience. We leave this meeting with tools, insights, approaches and tips we can try with our own kids. We learn what it means to have a developed intuition and gain deeper insights into our own abilities and gifts.

Led by: Merv Rogers, a Master Certified Coach with Intuitive Kids, as well as program architect for Raising Your Positive Vibration in Richmond Hill, and the Personal Transformation Program (PTP). Merv is a facilitator, coach, trainer and parent.

Click here to RSVP or contact Merv Rogers at Coach@IntuitiveKids.ca, call 905-509-8869

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What does being an “intuitive” or “psychic” kid really mean?
It means the kid is normal. Just as some kids have a unique knack or gift to play music, soccer or do mathematics better than most, a psychic kid has the knack or gift to sense energy and receive information that cannot be accessed using the five human senses.

What do intuitive kids need?
Like any kid with a gift or skills they need:

  • · Parents who understand their gift
  • · Community with others with similar gifts
  • · Education on what their gift really is
  • · Safe ways to experience their gift
  • · Role models to show them the ropes
  • · Practice and validation
  • · Acceptance and love

Advice and tips to other parents of kids with 6th sense:

· Listen openly · Encourage discussion
· Include feelings, intuirion, instinct into discussions · Act from the heart, not from rigid mind rules
· Let the child guide you to get what they need · Educate yourself
· Observe, be open · Work on your self understanding - who you are
· Be open to share and talk about your own intuitive experience and gifts · Remember they are wise souls and ask them for explinations and insights
· Talk about it as you would any other interesting topic or talent · Let them know their preceptions are not "weird" and other people experience similar experiences
· Be truthful - not everyone is accepting or knowledgeable

What programs, experiences, support or things do KIDS need?

  • · Art classes where, if they are unable to speak their experience they can express through art (i.e. sand, clay, drawing, painting, etc.)
  • · Meditation, "Higher Self" and "Grounding" Meditations
  • · Encourage Body Mindfulness -- i.e. encourage the anxious child to sense every aspect of that anxiety
  • · Breathing exercises
  • · Guest speakers
  • · Simplicity in conversation (Round Table)
  • · Clairsentient training
  • · Touch and Feel Nature

There is so much more to learn about kids who are intuitive.

About Us

We are a group of dedicated teachers, coaches and designers located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Merv Rogers

Merv Rogers, Master Certified Coach and program architect
Learn more at www.LeadershipPartner.com

Bharti Damani

Teacher and parent

Rob Warren & Susanne Schmidt

Program advisors and therapists providing therapy and relationship counselling

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